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Swimming Pool Resurfacing

Pool Resurfacing is one of the best ways to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars without tearing up your pool. Whether your pool looks dull or has chips which could become a major tripping hazard for you, your family or even family and friends trying to enjoy your pool party. 

Our in-house Swimming Pool Resurfacing technicians will come out and do a visual inspection and will advise you on your best options in saving money while getting the job done!

Give your pool that new look with our services. Call us for colors and texture choices. We are ready to make your swimming Pool activaties, safe, fun and long lasting.

How often does a swimming pool need to be resurfaced?

How often is it necessary to resurface a pool? It varies depending on the type of pool, with plaster or cement pools needing to be resurfaced every 3-7 years while fiberglass pools can sometimes go as long as 15-30 years

What happens if you don’t resurface the pool?

If you don’t resurface the pool, which is necessary because it is always exposed to weather, cracks and an unevenness in the pool surface will occur and this could lead to algae stains, water leaking and injuries from the uneven surface.

Why should I resurface the pool?

Resurfacing can repair problems like cracks and wearing, while also enhancing and updating your pool’s appearance. While not needed as often as other services, resurfacing should still be on your list of pool maintenance tasks.

How soon can we use the pool of its been resurfaced?

The plaster material cures under water in about 7-10 days. But this doesn’t mean you have to wait that long. Once the pool is filled and clean, you can go in for a swim

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